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All life is in constant dynamic balance. Here are tools for the holistic health of people and Land. When challenged, each system has a way of maintaining balance. When we are in a crisis it can take a lot of energy to keep stable. Like a seesaw the more we are in the middle the less we go up and down, the more we are up at one end the more energy it takes to pull down at the other. Permaculture and Kinesiology both strive to create a natural, self maintaining system which self regulates in a healthy way whether it is Land or Person.

Earthcare/ Peoplecare.
Ecological Landscape Design, Forest garden design, Home Permaculture, Community facilitation, Permaculture Courses and Design,  Foraging, Nature conection Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy, Life Coaching. Transition movement.

Both Permaculture Design and Kinesiology are powerful tools to bring systems back into natural, harmonious balance. A sympton of this is abundance, calm and happiness. 

Love your Life, Love your Land
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