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Jo Barker

I live with my family near Canterbury. I am a very creative person. I love people and I love the land. Kinesiology is a calling and Permaculture a passion


Permaculture has been my life’s passion. This holistic process is about sustainable systems design. Generating resiliance and abundance. By learning to observe design principles found in nature we can apply them to any problem. Add in Permaculture ethics (People care, earth care & fair share) and the design will likely be very effective and sustainable. 

I became a Trustee with the Permaculture Association in 2018. I hold a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. I work in the member led Diploma Working group. I teach Introductory Permaculture weekends, assist on Permaculture Design courses and specialise in Permaculture garden design, forest garden design, peoplecare and life design. I work on behalf of the British Permaculture association as a LAND support Tutor and a Tutor for apprentices studying towards their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. 

I am registered practitioner in Creative Kinesiology and a member of the BCMA. These 'zone 00' tools thread through my land and people work. 

I am passionate about RetroSuburbia and have a mini workshop offer. I am developing HOME PERMACULTURE inspired by Holmgren's work

Awarded Kent Wildlife Trust Wild about Gardens Gold Award 2013 . All the  gardens I have helped make that have entered have won Gold. 

I hold the unofficial record for ingredients ina foraged UK salad. Currently Sept 2018- 325 things.

My experience of Permaculture

I first came accross Permaculture in 1990 watching a programme called In grave danger of Falling food featuring Bill Mollison. I bought a book, did a course and my passion was ignited.
I  was lucky to do the Permaculture Design Course as part of my training as a Landscape Architect. I have worked mainly with community groups developing Land projects. 

I have been involved with LETS, CSA, Transition, Agenda 21, Land art, dowsing, sacred geometry, eco-schools, environmental education. Currently am involved with Transition in East Kent and Canterbury. 

My experience of Kinesiology / Life Tracking…
A permacultural way to bring balance back to a living system.

In 2020 I am now a registered Creative Kinesiology practitioner and a member of the BCMA. 

I started practicing in 2005 as an assessed practitioner.
I have been practising muscle checking since the mid 1990’s and began professional training for Kinesiology in 2003.

My preferred way to work is to feel a thread or journey intuitively. I encourage and ‘skillfully’ I hope, guide the person I am working with to lead me. It is this listening /awareness that is essential to the healing  journey.

I also work with the land in this way. 

Qualifications in: 
Landscape Architecture. Creative Kinesiology, Life Tracking, Life Coaching, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, and more!

Life Tracking: A new, dynamic approach to personal growth through the use of energy work and understanding. it is designed to help people find their way forward - their track in life.


For more information, to book a workshop or have an informal chat please
Contact Me futurefoodforests@gmail.com

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