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Jo Barker is on the British Complimentary Medicine Association Register March 2020

Energy Medicine, the future, NOW!

What is it?

Think Energy medicine + Life coaching= potent effective but gently transformative 


Interested in a session
Cost £50. Sessions are usually an hour. 
It is recommended to do 3 sessions for a significant issue. 
The first session can last 1.5 hours. There is a questionnaire to complete.
I offer a money back guarentee if you do not find any benefit.

On a low income? If money is an issue, ask we may be able to come to an arragement. 
In abundance financially? Consider paying it forward to enable someone to access Kinesiology. 

How does it work?

By muscle checking we can communicate with the body, mind system and re-balance it. Anyone can learn to muscle check. The skill of a good kinesiologist is in asking the right questions. There are at least 15 systems of Kinesiology that I have come across and each works in its own way. All systems draw on the Chinese Traditional Medicine model of Meridians, pathways of energy throughout our body.

Origins of Kinesiology
The original techniques of Kinesiology was developed in the 1950s in the US. They grew out of a more physical discipline, when chiropractor George Goodheart and a group of colleagues wanted to know more about how the energy movement of the body related to the physical.

They found that holding or rubbing particular points had an amazing effect in restoring balance to the systems of the body. When they incorporated the Eastern understanding of energy flow through meridians and acupoints, they had a holistic method able to work with every level of being.

Muscle Checking- The cool tool!
Muscle-checking is used to communicate to the mind body system. It involves applying light sustained pressure on a muscle. Almost any muscle can be used, the arm is usually an used. The theory behind muscle-checking is simple – our body holds the totality of our experiences, our history, and our muscles are part of our neural system, the body's communications network.

Muscle-response is controlled from the subconscious - from the automatic part of the brain, the limbic area, which remembers how to stand, walk, etc. Generally, "the muscle-check is a subconscious response to input into the system (whether a statement, a question or a more subtle way of connecting) to find out what's happening at any level: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Creative Kinesiology
Working co-creatively with the client this Kinesiology goes in depth working with the many layers, dimensions and levels of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I have trained in 'The Way of the Tracker' a professional training developed by Psychotherapist and Shaman practitioner Carrie Joss.

Life Tracking
A new, dynamic approach to personal growth through the use of energy work and understanding. it is designed to help people find their way forward - their track in life. This could be described as Carrie Joss's life work.

Thought Field Therapy
The tapping therapy uncovered by Roger Callahan. Powerful, quick and effective this transforms emotional energy. From fear, anxiety and grief to peace. I find this very easy to do and often use it every day with a client, friend or on myself.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Another tapping therapy.

Touch for Health.
This is the most widely used system of Kinesiology in the world. It is the foundation training for many branches of Kinesiology as well as a healing modality in its own right. This was developed by Dr. John Thie with a vision to make Kinesiology available for everyone.

Educational Kinesiology- Brain Gym
An effective and simple way of re-educating the body and brain. It uses easy to learn movements developed by Paul Dennison PhD, an educationalist from the US. It is becoming popular in schools.

My experience of Kinesiology…

I has been practicing muscle checking since the mid 1990’s and began professional training for Kinesiology in 2003.

My preferred way to work is to feel a thread or journey intuitively. I encourage and ‘skillfully’ I hope, guide the person I am working with to lead me. It is this listening /awareness that is essential to the healing  journey.

I have qualifications and experience in the above systems of Kinesiology.

What can it do?

I have seen miracles happen with symptoms disappearing during a session. One person was totally terrified of dogs. Minutes after the session a dog passed her and she reported feeling calm, she had in fact forgotten she was ever scared of dogs. It was no longer an issue. Another person had a mouth sore which was no longer visible at the end of the session. Yet another person had agonising dental pain and was about to go to the hospital and her pain went.

My role is to walk alongside clients in their healing journey towards their natural wellbeing and Joy. From being stuck towards being passionately alive.

Issues Kinesiology can help.

PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH:  Depression, Phobias, Insomnia, Eating disorders, Allergies, Geopathic stress, Asthma, Back problems, Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Headaches or Migraines, Poor concentration, Acne, Pain.

LEARNING: Remembering, Reading and Writing, Candida,

EMOTIONAL: Post Traumatic Stress. Stress, Anxiety, Bereavement, Grief

BEING IN THE WORLD: Lack of confidence, What to do, relationships, parenting issues, school problems, Goal setting.

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