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Dynamic Equilibrium Permaculture and Kinesiology

Designed Visions  - Permaculture Teaching collective

Earthscapes -Landscape Architecture Practice

http://www.earthscapes.co.uk /
We now work together and our ready to tackle larg
e Landscape projects

Permaculture Association

The School of Creative Kinesiology http://www.creativekinesiology.org
Natural Health Radio - listen to podcast by Jo Barker

The Manor Barn
Centre for Piece and Personal Development.

School of Creative Kinesiology

Kinesiology Federation

Permaculture Association
One stop for everything Permacultural in the UK including courses, resources,
opportunities and links.

Natural Pathways
Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Permaculture Teaching Collective

Now collaborating and ready to take one larger projects

Life Tracking
Lots of resources here for Energy medicine

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