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Beauty  food  wildlife
Productive, self maintaining and minimum work
Over time less & less work for more & more yields

With a professional training in Landscape Architecture Jo Barker brings this expertise to designing Permaculture Land systems.  She has worked with individuals, schools and community groups over a 30 year period. She loves designing land projects.
She specialises in edible, healing wildlife gardens that are beautiful and has an interest in land art.

Fees: Full Design service start from  £1000 
First visit £75 to see if we 
One off visit with short report. Usually enough to get clear on your Vision and goal and some clear ideas to develop. 

A range of options are available from a walk around your land to a drawn up detailed plan and everything in between. It is also possible to help create the garden and to mentor a would be forest gardner with caring for and harvesting from the land. 

I have designed hundreds of projects and love doing it. We have produced designs for a range for projects from small Farms over 100 acres, an urban Community parks and gardens, private edible wild gardens and schools. We were awarded a gold and silver from Kent Wildlife Trust. We also maintain and develop a previously designed Forest Garden.

Permaculture Landscape Design: All the garden and other land projects are designed using Permaculture principles and ethics. Jo believes that all land projects are fundamentally people projects and can work with a diverse range of groups and individuals.
Community Landscape Design. She worked with a diverse range of communities designing environmental projects and engaging community groups. She is currently working on Community projects in Dover, Faversham, Canterbury, Margate, Faversham and Whitstable. 
Forest Gardens: She has a unique passion for designing edible perennial natural gardens where we are part of the wildlife. She is particularly keen to plant NUT forests. Ancient food, future Food
Wildlife Garden award winner. Gold award from Kent wildlife trust 2013 for her own garden and silver for a client.

What is a Permaculture Garden?
They attempt as far as possible to mimic natural systems. A great example of this is Martin Crawford's established forest garden at Totnes. He spends 10 minutes a day in here mainly foraging for food while tweaking here and there. He claims this system needs less than 1 hour of maintenance a month. Over the years the work is increasingly done by the system, by the diversity of plants, animals and fungi. Over time fertility and complexity increase as work input decreases.

Locating elements in the system is a key component in Permaculture design for example locating food used daily by the kitchen door.

Yields are theoretically unlimited and any project over time will keep increasing its yields whilst requiring less and less work as it becomes more abundant. In this many cases yields are more then food. They include medicine, beauty, fun, recreation, skills, knowledge, pride, hope, inspiration, increased bio-diversity and spiritual nourishment.

Why do a Design?
The aim is to make mistakes on paper. We can stack yields into a design.

Designs will be uploaded shortly.....watch this space

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