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Permaculture and Kinesiology for sustainable dynamic health
'Sustainable ' problem solving tools
Sustaining abundant health

Land design
Life design

All problems have win win solutions, I have tools that can find them. (At least try)

Costs. My rates are £240 a day, £120 half day £50 an hour
A short consucltation with report £75

All projects start with connecting with the land/ person and working out the Vision/ goals. Helping you create your abundant, hppym, healthy life. Btw I am always working on myself to this aim. I am definately a work in progress.

Call me we can work something out
I mainly work in East Kent and am bsed in Canterbury.
I can work online. 

Both Permaculture Design and Kinesiology are powerful tools to bring systems back into natural, harmonious balance. A sympton of this is abundance and happiness.

We can work on any issue. We can work on anyone (with their permission), anywhere, anyplace.

Sessions are available near Canterbury, in your home (conditions apply), skype and by phone. 

Call 01227 832569 or email jo@dynamic-equilibrium.co.uk

Permaculture Training
Introduction to Permaculture
Permaculture Design Course
Tutor support for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

Permaculture  your land / Permaculture your life


Home Permaculture
Low Carbon Living. Practocal systems design approach.
An introduction to Permaculture
How to survive and thrive the Earth Changes
Family Food Gardens 
Become a food forager in your own garden

Permaculture Design
Forest Garden
Permaculture Garden Design
Life Design
Problem solving with applied Permaculture design
Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening

Kinesiology - Life Tracking

It can help most individuals including pregnant woman, babies and children. Men and women.

It can support groups with a shared issue / problem. E.g. youth at risk with an issue around self-esteem. Transition groups. 

When places feel heavy or have a 'bad' atmosphere Kinesiology can work with geopathic stress.


Some of the Talks and Courses available for groups and individuals:

Life Tracking. An exciting development in self development using Kinesiology. This is a recognised foundation training for Kinesiology.

Stress release. Financial Abundance. Weight loss. Confidence / Self esteem.
Learn to muscle check and dowse


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